An Author in the White House

I watched the inauguration yesterday with my teenaged (!) son who was home sick.  He delighted in pointing out all the places he visited on his leadership trip to Washington D.C. this fall, and he was visibly excited about watching the swearing-in ceremony.

As I tucked my younger son into bed last night and we cuddled on his pillow, he confided to me:

“I think Obama will be a good president.”

They have so many hopes for this one, very human, fallible man.  He has my prayers for wisdom and good counsel, and the dreams of so many are on his shoulders.

What I’m excited about is an author is at our country’s helm.  Someone with an appreciation of, and great faculty with, the written word.  His well-noted model for his presidency is Abraham Lincoln, also a president with a great command of our language, as so many of his speeches and letters stand that all-important test of time.  How many presidents have their words remembered throughout history?  For most, we can’t remember their names.

And let’s end this post with a good joke:  Someone is now selling diapers that read:

“Ready for a change.”

People never cease to amaze me.

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