Pink Floral Apron

Pink Floral Apron

Voila! In no time, here’s my finished apron! I love the fabrics, and this Threads pattern is so easy to whip up. Living in a house with all men, it’s a treat to get to make something feminine once in a while. So I went with pink florals and polka-dots!

The bottom pocket is really two pockets, as I sewed a dividing line about 2/3rds of the way across so it would be more usable. This apron is reversible, and here’s side two:

Polka Dot Side

I don’t think the men in my home will be borrowing this anytime soon. One of my favorite features of this apron is the bottom: no hemming required, as the selvedges make the bottom. You can see that here in my original version:

Jalapeno Apron

That little bit of white peeking out on the bottom is the Alexander Henry label on the selvedge bottom. The opposite side of this apron has matching jalapeno pockets so my husband can wear it when he’s grilling outdoors.

I’ve searched the Threads archive for the pattern, but they don’t offer it online. The article was written by John Giordano, who at the time of publication taught International Business at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, and apparently designed and sewed aprons for fun. What a guy!

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