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And the Winners Are . . . .

And the winners of the bookmarks with the ruler on the back are:


I couldn’t pick just five, so I’m sending them to everyone who gave me feedback, as I treasure each of your comments. Please email me privately your mailing address and the gorgeous bookmarks will be on their way to you. You won’t believe how beautiful they are!

Thank you for your feedback on the color wheels. What astute readers I have! I’m quite impressed ya’ll noticed the color wheels didn’t match in having yellow at the top. We had changed that a while back, but I used an older version. It was actually quite helpful in communicating to my design team things that are important to quilters that others don’t see.

And stay tuned: next week, I’ll be posting the book’s title, cover, and table of contents. I promise you won’t want to miss it!

Vote on Which Color Wheel to Include in the Book

Color Wheel for Color Mastery Color Mastery Color Wheel

I need your valued opinions! I’m deliberating as to which version of the color wheel to include in an appendix in the back of my book: a fabric color wheel, or the illustration. Which do you prefer and would find more useful? The appendix will have a sheet of mini-color wheels you can cut out and paste into your journal as you’re designing your quilts. Fun, huh?

I’ll draw from the votes and award five people a bookmark for the book that has a ruler on the back. Quite handy for measuring seams, etc. Thanks for participating. I value your input!

Shipping My Babies

Tile at Epcot

Since I’m buried under manuscript pages, I thought I’d share this image from Epcot in DisneyWorld where we visited last year at this time. This is a design on the outside of a building in the India section of Epcot. Doesn’t it just beg to be a quilt design?

Back to reality. I shipped nine quilts last week out to California to be photographed for the book. I felt as if I were sending my own children in a cardboard box to be driven cross-country with no word from them until they get there. I shared my anxiety over letting go of all the hard work I had done over months and years with the shipping clerk, and the well-meaning woman gave me some advice. “Have you read The Secret?”

She then continued to tell me how I shouldn’t think about anything bad happening to the quilts or else it would happen, and I should think positively. I know she had every good intention, but I found the advice to be rather sad. I leave every detail in my life up to a much higher power than positive thinking, and you’ll be happy to know that the quilts are being delivered today!

Much of my posts in the next month or two will be about my book, because it’s taking over my life at this point. I’m still teaching classes, but today my head is swimming with numbers after reviewing the technical edits of my project instructions. I’m so thankful to have a fantastic creative team to collaborate with on this book.

My goal is to be done writing at the end of this month so I can send the manuscript to the editor in March. You’ll be seeing sneak peaks of the book along the way, so stay tuned!

Checking In to Say “Hello”

I’m sneaking this post in between bath and bedtime for my kids, writing on my book, coordinating with illustrators, graphic designers, the photographer, technical editors, and it’s all so fun. Life right now is one of those crazy busy fantastic times, and I’m trying to soak in every single moment.

This is the busiest month for me as my deadline is March 1. After that, the book schedule will be mostly revisions for me and will ramp up for the rest of the creative team. I can’t wait for you to meet the people involved and see the results. I can post bits and pieces as we go along. Can’t wait to share with you!