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Driftwood Grain and Colors

On our recent vacation to Jekyll, I found a tiny beach next to the fishing pier that had a huge piece of driftwood. The colors in the driftwood ranged from soft grey to yellow-brown, and the grain patterns were intricate and varied. They actually reminded me of the sky texture in Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Here are some photos for you of the driftwood:

Driftwood Pattern Driftwood Pattern Driftwood Pattern

Driftwood Pattern Driftwood Pattern

What do you think?

Quilters Not Only Artists Who Struggle with Yellow

10 Little Rubber Ducks

NPR has a delightful interview with Eric Carle here, including this excerpt:

Yellow poses the biggest challenge to Carle. He can create 10 shades of green — from bright lime green to muted brown-greens and gray-greens – colors he remembers draping Germany’s camouflaged buildings in World War II. But he has only discovered how to make about four shades of yellow.

It’s the difficult nature of yellow that makes it his favorite color. Readers can find variations of it in nearly all of his books — often, in the shape of a smiling sun.

Roosters Off to See the World

Yellow proves challenging even for professionals. But notice how Eric doesn’t begrudge yellow, instead he made it his favorite color! What a fresh approach to an obstacle: turn it into an opportunity.

I’ve always wanted to do an Eric Carle-inspired quilt. Now it will definitely include yellow.