Easy Art Quilt Class at Sharptop

Blue Willow Quilt

Tuesdays in October I’m teaching fiber arts classes to a wonderfully diverse group at Sharptop Arts Association. The first two weeks were Color for Fiber Artists, and I promised photos to show the projects from my students, but I was so busy teaching I forgot to take results photos. I’m a bad blogger – so sorry.

This past Tuesday and the next are my Easy Art Quilt class, and we are having a great time. I have all levels of students, from one who has never quilted before to an intermediate level quilter to a dedicated quilter, and all are having such fun with this quilt. Here are Doris and Jaci busy piecing strips for their quilts:

Easy Art Quilt Class I

Easy Art Quilt Class II

I promise to be a better blogger and deliver results photos next week.

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