Color Mastery Goes to Second Printing

I’m thrilled and humbled to announce my publishing company, Willow Ridge Press, will be going to a second printing for Color Mastery, only three months after its February publication.  Most books never go to a second printing, even after years in print.

Quilting teachers, shop owners, and quilters have embraced Color Mastery, its quilts and classes, because they work.  I listened.  To my students who were frustrated and intimidated by color theory.  To shop owners who were overwhelmed with running a shop and didn’t have time to develop color classes.

I’m writing this late on Thursday after teaching over 100 shop owners and quilting teachers at Quilt Market how to use Color Mastery.  I’m tired, need about 12 hours of sleep after the book tour and a long day of booth setup and teaching, but I couldn’t end today without sharing such exciting news with you.

We’ll be celebrating in a big way when I return home.  Now my pillow is calling me.  Night.

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