Farewell, Beautiful Summer

Tuesday my two sons will go back to school for another year.  We had such a lovely summer it’s hard to say goodbye, but the friends, memories, and good times will be with us always.

Farewell to:

  • sunny days swimming and socializing at the pool
  • sleeping late after staying up until the wee hours finishing a great summer novel
  • cookouts with friends, sharing out favorite dishes and good times
  • cruising and fishing on the boat and meeting up with friends on the lake
  • reuniting with family and friends we haven’t seen since last summer
  • enjoying fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, zucchini straight from the farmer’s gardens

Hello to:

  • new schools, teachers, and classmates
  • early morning alarms
  • after-school activities
  • multiplication tables, essays, and homework

My guys will be gone all day, and I will miss them so.  I enjoy my children every day, delighting in their smiles, growth spurts of 6″ in one year, enormous appetities, fabulous imaginations, and hugs.  Welcome new school year!

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