Great Wallet Pattern for Boys

Boys Holding Their Wonder Wallets

My guys are getting old enough to have their own wallets, what with chores, and allowances. But they didn’t need a bulky man’s wallet with too many compartments, and the ones sold for kids don’t last.

So again Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl to the rescue. I’ve made her Wonder Wallet pattern for myself, and I thought it would be perfect for my boys.

They each picked out their own fabrics from my studio (finally the fat quarters they beg for at the fabric shop came in handy) and helped me make them. They folded, pressed, and snipped threads. I used the rotary cutter and sewed. Usually I let the kids sew, but this pattern has so many layers of fabric it would have been difficult.

We left off the outside buttons, and they are thrilled and proud of their new wallets. It’s fun to sew for my guys again. They are getting too old for me to make any clothes for them anymore, so I do other kinds of things: pillowcases, quilts, blankets, pillows for their stuffed animals, etc.

Here are the wallets close-up:
Wonder Wallet
I have so many of Joan’s patterns because she makes the process of putting together a bag, wallet, or sewing caddy fun. I bought my first Lazy Girl pattern over 10 years ago and I still buy them, because I’m not cursing math while I’m sewing. I have made her:

and probably even more. Thanks Joan for some great patterns!

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