Thank You


Yesterday when I picked up my son from school, he asked me a question that came directly to the point: “Did you have a bad blog day?” It must have shown. Yes, in fact, I did have a terrible blog day. But it got much better, and the results are on this page.

I owe a big thank you to Judy Perez at Painted Threads who came to my rescue. I have for months been trying to improve the quality of the photos you see in my blog header. No matter what I did, they were blurry, even when the original photo itself was crystal clear. I subscribe to Judy’s blog and admired her blog header, so I asked for her help, which she graciously offered. And now I have a nice, sharp, blog header photo, and can thank Judy for it. She was a lifesaver!

I’ve been keeping a blog now for over a year, since October of last year. I’ve found it to be an extremely rewarding endeavor. I’ve been able to share and connect with quilters worldwide, which I could never have imagined when I began blogging.

I’ve also found developing a blog to be extremely challenging. I love technology, as I was a Computer Science minor in college, and made my living being a technical writer and courseware developer. I have seven published books on software applications, several of which won prestigious awards. I lived and breathed hi-tech. Since having children and staying home to raise them, the hi-tech world has changed at an even faster pace, and I struggle to keep up with it and my busy family life. Blogs were a new development, and I was fascinated at the ability to connect with so many other like-minded quilters and artists, especially since I live in a remote area. I was excited to embark on the blogging adventure allowing me to combine my writing, hi-tech skills, art and quilting. One year later, I’m bowled over that people as far away as South Korea, Brazil, Japan, and Israel read this blog.

I’ve learned so much from other bloggers, about quilting, blogging, and art. It’s a generous community that puts in so much time into what really amounts to a labor of love.

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