Emily’s UGA Dorm Quilt

Emily's UGA quilt

I’m finally getting close to completing Emily’s UGA dorm quilt. Red and black, of course. This quilt will be handed down to all the Peagler children who attend UGA, so the trick was to select fabrics that wouldn’t be either too feminine or masculine. I realized how many quilting fabrics are florals, with the alternative being checks, plaids, stripes or some horrible novelty print. Selecting fabrics for this quilt really was a challenge.

The blocks for this are truly gigantic: 23 inches. Why? Because I abhor making 45-50 small blocks for a bed quilt. I think a large quilt needs blocks of similar proportion, so I made grand-sized log cabin blocks, and alternated their placement with red and black center squares alternating.

I’m planning to send this to a long-arm quilter in my guild to be quilted. I’ve never sent a quilt off to be quilted, especially since the quilting is one of my absolute favorite parts of the process. But I’m afraid this quilt is long overdue, and I have other gifts to make this Christmas season. Can you tell I’m trying to rationalize this and not feel guilty?

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