Maria Peagler is the founder of Willow Ridge Press, a small independent publishing house located in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in north Georgia.  Willow Ridge Press’ debut title, Color Mastery, won a Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Craft Book of 2009 at the Independent Publishers Association annual awards in New York City.

Maria is the author of nine books and counting, many of them award-winners.  She is also an award-winning art quilter, designer of the JoAnn’s 2010 QuiltBlocks quilt Arbor Lane, and instructor who specializes in workshops that allow quilters to find the creative person within themselves they never thought they could be.  As Cheryl, one of Maria’s students succinctly put it:  “You’ve changed my life!  I never thought I could be creative!”

Maria also enjoys watercolor painting, sketching, journaling, and gourmet cooking.  She lives with her husband David, a residential home builder, and her two sons, both of whom have made quilts (but might not admit to that in public.)

Maria encourages her students and readers to keep in touch, as she always enjoys hearing from them and seeing their latest quilts.  You can contact Maria at maria@colormastery.com

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