Martha Stewart & Me

Have you seen the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine?  One of its headlines grabbed my attention and I just had to buy it:  “Martha’s New Craft Room.”  Now will that be the mother of all craft rooms or what?

Turns out her craft room is quite similar to mine in layout.  They are both upstairs extra rooms:  hers is an attic, mine a bonus room.  They both have gabled side walls that slope inward, so not much vertical space, but roomy nonetheless.

Here are photos of our craft rooms, side by side:

Martha’s                                                    Mine

Martha Stewart’s New Craft Room                                My Studio I

We’re practically twins, aren’t we?  How does she do it all?  Running Omnimedia and being a craft diva?  Even her craft supplies are pristine-looking:

Martha’s craft supplies             vs.                My Studio II

I love my studio, mess and all.  After all, who can get anything done if I’m constantly having to clean up?  And I do, weekly.  Mostly.  Unless another quilt is calling me, which I hear now . . . . . .

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