Miranda Day Bag: Pattern Review

Miranda Bag

I’ve been searching for the perfect handbag. One that’s large enough to hold my small sketchbook and colored pencil case, in addition to the normal planner, checkbook, keys, lipstick and other essentials organized girls carry. Either the handbags were too small or were cavernous dark holes that everything got lost in. Until I found Miranda.

Miranda Bag Pockets

I had asked Jean to order this pattern and it somehow got lost in transit, but arrived just in time for the long weekend (which was even longer due to snow in Georgia!). I told Jean I’d make a sample for her shop as well as one for myself.

I made the sample bag first, and was duly impressed with Joan Hawley’s instructions. As a technical writer, I was also struck by the photos Joan used to illustrate each step. Photos are great, as you see exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, as opposed to illustrations, where you have room for misinterpretation.

Here’s the sample I made for Jean:

Miranda Bag Sample

After making it once, I made a few changes to my bag when I made it. I quilted the flap, shortened the handles to make it look more like a handbag and less like a tote bag, and used the same fabric for the flap and handles as I did the cover. I wanted the focus to be the handbag, not contrasting accessory parts to the bag.

I love it! I used French provencal fabric my friend Danielle brought back for me after her trip to Europe, and mixed that with some others I had in my stash for quite the sophisticated look.

In my next post I’ll talk about how I chose the colors for my bag using the color wheel.

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