Who Decides the Next “Hot” Color?

Ever wonder who are those trendsetters who declare what the new “hot” colors will be for the upcoming season? I found out when I attended a workshop with Michael Miller fabrics at spring Quilt Market. Turns out fashion colors start in Paris on the runway, then slowly trickle down into the marketplace and across the globe. Eventually, two to three years later, you’ll begin seeing those same colors in Target in the form of Rubbermaid and Daytimers.

So what’s the next hot color? Citron. It’s a dull, yellow-green. Think “icky” split-pea green, and you pretty much have it. I’m not kidding. That’s the new hot color. And according to the presenter at Michael Miller, after awhile you get used to seeing that color and eventually you begin liking it.

I don’t know about that.

Apologies for not having any photos with this post, but BlueHost is having technical difficulties with their File Transfer program. Once it’s resolved, we’ll be back in glorious color!

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