I Spy a Quilt Studio

Maria Peagler's Quilt Studio

I spy Minnie Mouse, a chicken, a star, ziploc bags, a spreadsheet, a stash, paintbrushes, a glue stick, a tripod, and a Coke Zero.

Innovative thinking can’t be bothered with a tidy studio. Thank heavens, or I’d be in big trouble.

This is photography week for me here in the studio and for Gregory Case out in sunny California. He is photographing the quilts for my book, and they returned yesterday along with the photos. In a word: gorgeous. The man makes my quilts look good. And he’s a consummate professional who takes so much pride in his work. Isn’t it fun to work with people who inspire you to greatness?

Maria Peagler's Quilt Studio
I’ve been playing with my camera both in the studio and outdoors to learn how to take sharp photos with accurate colors. It all comes down to ISO, lighting, and resolution. I don’t claim to really understand it all, but for amateurs, outdoor photography is the way to go when you are photographing quilts. You really get much truer colors and less harsh lighting than you do indoors. I don’t have much natural light indoors, as living in the thickly-studded woods of the Appalachians makes for a lot of shade.

Maria Peagler's Quilt Studio

So where are the photos Gregory took?  On their way to the book designer.  The book is in the hands of a tremendously imaginative team of creative thinkers:  the manuscript is at the editor, the book designer is preparing the cover and interior design, and the illustrator is creating the diagrams and other art.

I’ll be posting the book’s Table of Contents later this month, and the cover in April.  I can’t wait to share all of this with you.  The point of all of this effort isn’t about me:  it’s about you and making your quilts more successful.

Can you guess what the subject of the book is?

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