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QuiltSmart bags

I’m surprised my sewing machine isn’t smoking I’ve been using it so much this December. When I need a break from quilting the UGA quilt, I’ve been making multitudes of these. They’re the QuiltSmart bags. No pattern needed, just use their interfacing and the pattern is printed right on it. On their website they show the bags without being cuffed, which makes them reversible, but the proportion of the bag doesn’t seem right to me. So I used the “rule of thirds” design rule and cuffed the bag 1/3 of its length and I think it looks much better.


These are the ones I could photograph before my boys whisked them away to school for their teachers. Two left the house without photos: a blue toile with a tan floral cuff, and a black toile with a black mini-check cuff. Both adorable.

QuiltSmart bag

I used a lot of Michael Miller fabrics for these. After all, what teacher wouldn’t love getting a Dick and Jane tote bag, or one with cursive writing practice on it?

QuiltSmart bag

Two more are in the works for my other nieces, with their Christmas gifts tucked inside. Ssshhh! It’s a secret! Not to worry . . . they are not readers of this blog. Yet.

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