Room with a View

Front Porch

This is my favorite spot this summer.  Peaceful, lush, and serene.  Hot, of course, but not terribly oppressive when I’m in my hammock swing.

The planters are an anniversary gift David and I gave each other years ago.  It was love at first sight at my favorite nursery in Alpharetta.  The carved bear is a gift from a family friend.  He’s an artist and a fellow artist made it for us.

The rocking chairs see a lot of use during the summer.  Nothing like sitting on the porch and eating a popsicle to cool off.  The tiny chair in the background is an Amish handcrafted chair my brother brought back from one of his travels.

I even cut my younger son’s hair on this porch.  He sits patiently on a stool while I use the clippers on his coarse hair.  But he’s taking a break from haircuts this summer.  He’s rebelling from school rules that require his hair over his collar.  June is a perfect time to cast off rules, relax, and unwind.

Hammock Swing

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