3 thoughts on “Snowman

  1. Dyonatan

    Thank you for this great opportunity to know some new intniestreg blogs! I left a comment at SewCalGa besause like this blog very much and Iam following the FMQ Challenge. I coplited all 9 lessons and looking forward to start the next one. I also left a comment at Marjorie’s Quilting Bee. I love applique and Iwant to try to create applique patterns with EQ7 when I will get this product!

  2. Ana

    Wow Donna — those are gorgeous qutils. Thanks for taking the time to post them. On that first quilt that’s embroidered — did they embroider just on the top, or did they do it through all the layers, more like quilting?

  3. Trini

    Yes, WOW, once again .. i’ve just bookmarked her blog and i can’t wait to read about the upcmiong surprise!Thanks, Kathy, for opening up all of the studios for us to see on your blog! What a clever idea!

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