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Spring Break Holiday

Enjoying the Florida Keys

We’ve just returned from a lovely spring break holiday, full of sun, white sand, and wonderful natural resources.  Our family is big on enjoying the great outdoors, and we walked, biked, kayaked, snorkeled, and took boat rides into the Everglades and Biscayne National Park (which is mostly underwater in the Florida Keys).

Our original plan was to visit a natural part of the Florida panhandle, but the weather was cold and rainy (we missed tornadoes and snow at home!).  At the last minute we changed our plans to travel farther south to the Everglades.

Junior Ranger Oath

My younger son became a Junior Ranger at three national parks in Florida:  Everglades, Big Cypress, and Biscayne.  Here he’s taking the oath at Everglades National Park.  The hat belongs to a real ranger at the park.

Everglades Boat Ride

We took a boat ride into the Everglades’ mangroves.  In the summer our tour guide says he wears a screen suit to protect himself from all the bugs.  Spring break was definitely the time to visit!

Gator in Everglades

Water Moccasin

Alligators everywhere, and the occasional water moccasin.  It’s the dry season in the Everglades, so alligators gather close to the water sources.  They were thickly nestled together on the banks of the river.

Hoath Family

Visited my dad and stepmother, a lovely visit with family.  The boys hit golf balls with my dad and their grandmother pulled out her mah jong set to show them how complicated that game is.  Trust me:  you don’t want to go up against my stepmother in any game.  She wins.  A lot.  Her famous line is “I’ll just play until I run out of chips.”  She soundly trounced us all in the family poker tournament three years ago on our beach vacation.  We played Go Fish this time.  Lower stakes.

Easter Eggs 2009

Finally, the all-important Easter egg dyeing tradition.  You’re never too old for this, are you?  We had to wait until we returned home to dye the eggs, but the boys didn’t mind.

Now I’m putting the final touches on the book tour starting next week.  Look over in the sidebar to see if I’m visiting a location in Georgia near you.  Can’t wait to talk color and quilting in your hometown!