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In my ongoing series Social Media for Quilters, this week I’m featuring Twitter, an instant messaging tool allowing you to interact with fascinating people all over the world.  Join Twitter this week and follow me, and you can win a gorgeous fat quarter bundle I call Turkish Delight.  Where’s the photo of it?  On Twitter, of course!

What makes Twitter unique?  Messages are super easy to read and write, because they can only be 140 characters long.  It’s great for letting people know what you’re up to during your day. For example, this week I tweeted (the name for a Twitter post) about playing squash, drawing free-form feathers for a quilt, and how I really gapped up my son’s haircut.  These daily sneak peeks into my life don’t make it into my blog posts or on Facebook.

Colormaster Twitter Page

You can read the tweets of others once you decide to follow them.  You find their Twitter page (I’m colormaster) and click on Follow at the top of the page.  From then on, you receive every tweet they make.

Once you sign up for Twitter, people will begin following you as well.  Writing a good tweet is an art form:  they’re short, sweet, interesting, and humorous.  Scott Simon of NPR writes some of the best tweets and I always enjoy reading his.  For example, last week Twitter was down, and afterward he tweeted:

Twitter was down for hours yesterday, right? Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet, and the person who gives MacArthur Genius grants, please DM again

So what does he mean by DM? You can send a direct message privately to someone via Twitter, so only they see it.

One of the reasons I enjoy Twitter so much is the work of an author, designer, and quilter is solitary:  just me in the studio.  As much as I enjoy chatting on the phone, I rarely do it during work hours because I am on deadline.  Twitter allows me to keep in touch with a self-made community of incredibly interesting people.  I laugh, keep up-to-date, and learn new things.  All in 140 characters.

So, sign up for Twitter, follow me (colormaster), post about Color Mastery, and you’ll be entered to win the Turkish Delight fat quarter bundle.  Here are suggestions for other interesting people, quilters and non-quilters alike:

Here’s a great, short video on Twitter by the folks at CommonCraft (they’re CommonCraft on Twitter):

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