What’ll Ya Have?

A newsletter, please.  March issue, with the recipe for Varsity chili dogs on the side.  That’s right – my March newsletter is out and I’m including all kinds of exciting news, another giveaway, and my own recipe for Varsity-style chili dogs.  Did you know the actual recipe for Varsity Chili dogs chili actually appeared in Gourmet magazine several years back?  Food writers Jane and Michael Stern, authors of RoadFood, profiled the Varsity and their chili dogs.  Living in Georgia for almost 40 years (!!!) I grew up eating Varsity hot dogs, attending Braves baseball games, and loving every minute of it.  You can see a photo here of a sketch I did of the Varsity’s famous sign from a family outing with my husband and kids to the Varsity and a Braves game.

So order up a chili dog, onion rings, an FO (Frosty Orange for those who haven’t experienced the Varsity), and enjoy my latest newsletter.  You can sign up here to get them delivered automatically to your email Inbox, almost as good as the car hops who still come out to your car at the Varsity!  You can see previous issues here in the archives.

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