Women, Appearance, & My Mom

Welcome to the new me . . . or the new hairstyle.  I had put off getting my hair cut over the summer, making the excuse I was too busy, couldn’t get to it, I’ll just let it grow long, blah, blah, blah.  I actually had an appointment and missed it in the whirwind of getting back from a summer vacation.

This is me about a week ago.  Why didn’t anyone tell me I was so overdue?  Four inches off and a lot more free time.  I feel so much better.

Lana over at NorthWest Salon does my hair, and a great job of it when I actually go in and let her perform her magic.  It took me a loooooong time to find someone locally who could cut my thick, coarse, hair, and Lana is a dream.

My older son took both of these photos, and like most women, I don’t enjoy having photographs taken of myself.  But I wish I had more photographs of my own mother now that she’s gone, so I get over my preoccupation with my own appearance and remember that this is history:  these are the photos my sons will be looking at and remembering me by.  It’s been four years today that my mom passed, and I miss our conversations.  My mother was quite independent and opinionated, and we had lots of lively debates.  Miss you mom.

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